Welcome to MoonFall PixelmonEdit

Welcome to MoonFall! A beautiful new server with a dedicated team of staff to ensure your player experience is top notch.

About MoonFallEdit

MoonFall is dedicated to the players by giving them an in depth experience with a rich community. Now when I say rich, I don't mean rich with power like most other servers where the fame, fortune, and power is in the hands of a select few; I mean that the community will be flourishing with chatter, connection, and champions. How you intend on living is up to you. Will YOU live your life in your hometown forming close bonds with friends and work your way up in status ranks on the town? Will YOU be a brave explorer venturing into the beautiful world of Pixelmon finding the secrets of the server? Or will YOU take on the Pokemon League challenge, facing the leaders of each gym making your name go up in lights as your achive the status of a Champion? What you do on this server is up to you and only you, and we hope what we have to offer will make it worth your while. 

MoonFall Pixelmon Gyms ListsEdit

MoonFall is a three region pixelmon server. For each region you have different gyms and gym leaders. The regions are: Survival, Kanto, and Johto. Here are the lists of gyms and gym leaders for these regions: